St. Simons Redfish on the Flats

I get a lot of questions about how to locate areas to catch Redfish tailing during the flood tides at St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. I’m not going to talk about how to catch these Reds in this article because when they are tailing they will eat almost anything. What I want to do is help you find areas to fish. You might already know some spots without realizing it.

The first thing I would recommend is think about places that you already fish. Where do you catch Redfish on low tide? Do you have a Trout fishing spot that produces a big Redfish from time to time? These are good places to start. Redfish are not going to travel miles and miles to eat for one tide.

Think about these places that you have in mind after answering those questions. Do any of them have hard marsh areas that would be easy to walk on? Sparse grass? Fiddler crabs? These hard banks are the best places to find tailers. If the mud is so soft that you sink up to your neck than it probably isn’t prime habitat for fiddler crabs or Redfish.

Here is something else to think about next time you are on the water. When you are cruising along at high tide working your way down a bank Trout fishing, listen for splashing sounds in the marsh grass. A lot of times you will hear the Redfish eating up in the grass before you can ever see them. Maybe you remember a time that you kept hearing fish in the marsh but you thought it was mullet or birds. It was probably Redfish.

There is really no secret to finding these fish, especially if you already have some Redfish holes that hold fish consistently. You just need two things; a resident school of fish, and the right habitat for crabs. If you have those two things, you will have a good flat. Don’t be scared to keep it a secret when you find one!

Tight Lines!

Captain TJ Cheek

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