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St. Simons Island Deep Sea Fishing Charters – Offshore Fishing Guides

Deep Sea Fishing Charters at St. Simons Island

St. Simons Deep Sea FishingOK, so, let’s start here; Many people call and ask about “deep sea” fishing. We have found that our definition isn’t always the same as others for deep sea fishing. We consider anything beyond 15 miles from land to be deep sea. In fact, most locals don’t even use the term “deep sea”. We call it offshore fishing. This can be fishing anywhere from 15 miles to 60+ miles from land and targeting a wide variety of species.

Now for the let down. We don’t do offshore fishing. That is to say, we don’t promise that we will go out that far. When we book best bite trips sometimes we will end up as far as 55 miles out, but that is usually a last minute decision when we find that we have a beautiful day on our hands and we feel that it will give us the best opportunity for success.

When I first started I did a lot of offshore fishing charters. What I found is that when you plan on going offshore, many times the weather will have other plans. Then you have to decide if you want to go out anyway and deal with a rough, uncomfortable day of fishing, or cancel the trip altogether. That is why we book inshore, nearshore, and best bite trips only now and save offshore fishing for the best days.

If you are dead set on venturing out deep, we are more than happy to refer you to a quality local guide that provides that service. We just prefer to fish wherever the best chance for success is. Many times you can catch just as many good fish inshore as you could offshore, so why pay a higher price and make a longer ride for a less impressive result? Of course that isn’t always the case, and that is why we still go out there… in appropriate conditions.