St. Simons Island Charter Fishing Articles – Boating Etiquette

I’ve been on the water many days, fishing in shallow water, when a boat comes by at full speed and goes right by me without slowing down. Now I’m doing everything I can to not fall off of the poling platform, my anglers are doing their best to stay in the boat, and we end up sitting on the mud hoping that I can get the boat back into deep enough water to keep fishing.

I don’t know what happened to courtesy, but I remember when most boaters would slow down for a boat that is not under power. I hope that people will take time to learn the do’s and don’ts of boating before cranking up their brand new boat and getting someone hurt or ruining their fishing.

One thing that is worse than flying by someone at full speed is slowing down to half throttle and bogging by. This creates an even larger wake and doesn’t help at all.

When you pass by a boat that is not under power, or even idling, you should slow down to an idle, or at least slow enough to not create a wake. Don’t be surprised when the boaters that you are slowing down for give you a friendly wave in thanks.

You are responsible for your own wake, so be courteous to other boaters. Slow down for docks and other boaters so that everyone can enjoy the water safely.

Tight lines!

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