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Charter Boats | St. Simons Island

We have gone through several different styles and brands of boats before finally figuring out what we really needed to offer the best fishing capability and versatility to our clients. Our boats are capable of inshore, nearshore, and light offshore fishing. We wanted boats that were comfortable, roomy, and able to adapt on the fly when conditions change and we believe that we have the right combination.

Capt. TJ fishes from a 2013 Everglades 243. This 24 foot hybrid boat boasts a deeper V than a bay boat, but has a shallower draft than an offshore boat making it a great boat for fishing the rivers and ocean. One of the main things we looked for in this boat was a comfortable ride in rough water while still being able to have a trolling motor. This was the only boat that was able to check every box. This is truly a luxury fishing boat that is perfect for fishing Georgia waters.

St. Simons Charter Boat


If you have a taste for light tackle sight fishing for Redfish, Capt. TJ’s Maverick Mirage 17 Micro can get the job done. If you have spent any time in a technical poling skiff, you know that they sacrifice a soft ride for a shallow draft. This boat is no different. It will beat you up a bit getting there, but once you stop – GAME ON! In the Maverick we can take 1 or 2 anglers. Inquire about dates for flood tide Redfish.

Maverick 17 Micro

Capt. Tim fishes from a 2014 model 25 foot C Hawk. We had this boat custom built just for fishing charters. We were looking for a boat with plenty of deck space that would accommodate 6 anglers. At 25 feet long and 9 feet 6 inches wide, it has that in spades. It’s wide beam gives it the ability to float in shallow water while it’s length helps to bridge across waves and keep you dry and comfortable. This is a no frills fishing machine.

25 C Hawk