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Charter Fishing Information for St. Simons Island Fishing Charters


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What is the difference between inshore, nearshore, and the “Captain’s Choice” fishing charter?

If you book an inshore fishing trip, that pretty much means that you want to stay in the rivers, sounds, and intracoastal waterway. You will be targeting species such as Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Tripletail, Black Drum, and Sheepshead. Inshore fishing is typically done with light tackle and a mixture of live bait and artificial baits. You will be doing a lot of casting which is why we only take up to 4 anglers for this type of trip.

Nearshore trips target an area ranging from the beach out to about 10 miles into the ocean. You will be able to see land, but you will be on the ocean side of the islands. Your primary targets will be Sharks, Bull Reds, Tarpon, Jack Crevalle, Tripletail, Cobia, Sea Bass, and Sheepshead (according to the season).  Most of the time nearshore fishing is for those that want to target large fish and aren’t as interested in catching edible fish. Some of the species listed are edible and others are either illegal to keep, or just too large to keep. You are more than welcome to keep your legal fish.

The “Captain’s Choice” fishing charter is for those that  just want to let the captain decide what to fish for. For example, sometimes people call and request to fish for a specific species. That’s fine, but when it comes to “fish on demand” you are limiting your guide’s options. Sometimes it is best to let the guide target what he is most confident in catching according to the current conditions. This can change from one day to the next which is why it is great to be flexible. All you need to do is tell us that you want to accomplish and let us decide what to target. You can also let us know what you ideally want to catch or not catch. What I mean is you can say, “I want to do a captain’s choice trip, but I would prefer not to target sharks.” Awesome, now we can plan around that! Easy, right?

What do Kids Fishing Trips Consist of?

On kids trips we keep it simple. We try to catch as many fish as possible in a short amount of time so that the kids stay busy and don’t get burnt out. Many parents ask what ages are appropriate for these trips, and the simple answer is that you know your kids better than we do. If you they can handle 2 or 3 hours in a boat, we trust your judgment. However, we’ve found that about 4 years old is a good starting point. Kids in their mid to late teens might also be a bit old for Kids Trips, so you might want to opt for a 4 or 6 hour trip for that age range. 4 to 12 years old is the average range for these trips.

We will be targeting nearly anything that is willing to bite the hook. We usually will target Sharks in the 1 to 4 foot range, Whiting (which are edible and you’re welcomed to keep), and Stingrays among other species. We just want to keep the rod bent and the kids happy.

This is not a trip to book if you are looking to catch a cooler full of fish, or if the adults fishing out number the kids. I have seen adults almost knock kids over to be first to the rod, and that is not what this trip is about. We prefer that adults watch, help, and encourage the kids. It’s OK to join in on some fish catching as long as it isn’t detracting from the kid’s fun.

What is included in the price of the trip?

The short answer is, everything that you need to fish with. We provide licenses, bait, tackle, bottled water, fish cleaning, and a cooler to ice down any food or drinks you bring. There are no additional costs above the prices stated at the top of the page. Some guides charge more for bait and things of that nature. Our prices are inclusive.

What you should know before your trip;

There are a few things you might not know about fishing charters if you have never booked a guide before. Some are matters of etiquette and others to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

  • Spray on sunscreen stains fiberglass. If you use spray on sunscreen, everything that you touch will turn orange. The only thing that removes the stain is copious amounts of bleach, elbow grease, and time. If you can use cream it will help us greatly and save your guide a lot of clean up work.
  • Black sole shoes leave scuff marks all over the boat. We work hard to present a clean boat to you and sometimes that means 2 hours of being on our hands and knees with a magic eraser removing scuff marks. Non marking boat shoes or flip flops are preferred footwear. Light colored soles are a good second option. If you only have black sole shoes, that’s OK, just try not to drag your feet or twist on your feet.
  • Our equipment is expensive. Anything that you can do to help make it last it appreciated. Of course there are accidents, and wear and tear eventually takes it’s toll. If you can avoid things like resting the rod on the side of the boat while fighting a fish, dragging rods across the top of the engine, banging sinkers on the boat, and dropping rods on the deck, we will be grateful. If this sounds insane, believe me, it happens more than you would think. I watched a guy crush a can by stomping on it on the deck of my boat the other day. Yep… chipped fiberglass.
  • If the weather is unsafe or “unfun” we will have to cancel the trip. Sometimes people try to talk the guide into fishing in conditions that are far from ideal. If the guide thinks it is best to cancel, it’s in your best interest to listen to him. We have to fish to make a living and cancelling trips is something we dread. We don’t always make the right weather call but please trust that we have your best interest in mind.
  • Tipping is customary but certainly not expected. If your guide worked his butt off for you or if you had a great trip, a 10 to 15 percent tip is pretty normal.
  • We are usually operating at full speed during your trip. What I mean is that we are working to make sure you stay rigged up, baited up, and fishing. If you catch a good fish and you want to take a minute out to get a good picture, let us know. We’ll help you get the light right and position the fish so the picture comes out well. We would hate to quickly throw a fish back in the water or in the fish box if  you want to get a good picture. Feel free to stop us anytime you have any question or request.
  • There is no reason to bring a cooler on the boat. We will have a cooler iced down for you to put your drinks in. You do, however, want to bring a cooler to take your fish home in. You can just leave it in your car. We’ll take care of cleaning and bagging the fish and we’ll even put some ice in your cooler.
  • Feel free to bring beer. Just please bring it in cans so we don’t have to worry about breaking any glass.
  • It’s a good idea to call a day or two before your trip just to touch base and check on the weather.

Don’t let any of this make you nervous! By the end of the day we hope to be like old friends. We won’t snap or bark at you if you forgot to wear the right sunscreen or you’re wearing the wrong shoes. It’s not that big of a deal. But, if you can help us out by taking some of these things into consideration it will make our lives easier.

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