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Tarpon Fishing St. Simons Island! Fishing Report

The last several weeks have brought some stellar Tarpon fishing to the Golden Isles area. This has been some of the best Tarpon fishing we have had in years! If you are planning to come down in the next few weeks you still have plenty of time to do some Tarpon fishing. These fish will typically still be chewing hard into mid September and sometimes even later. Plan on booking a 6 or 8 hour trip though. A 4 hour fishing trip for Tarpon just isn't enough sometimes. Here are

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Old Fishing Reports

We built this site originally in 2011 but have primarily used www.charterfish.com as our main site. Now that we have redesigned this site, we just tossed all of the fishing reports from the old one into one report so that we don't lose everything. Feel free to give it a read! St. Simons Fishing Report - Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Fishing St. Simons Island Fishing Report June 2013 It's June 7, 2013 and what can I say about the fishing report so far... wind, rain, and

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St. Simons Island Barracuda Fishing

If you have ever looked at a Barracuda up close you probably noticed its giant teeth and huge eyes. These are the parts of this fish that make it obvious the it is a predator. However, there is something else that make many people steer away from these fish... poison. Great Barracuda have come to be feared more on the table than in the water. This is because of a toxin known as ciguatoxin that causes ciguatera. Ciguatera is rarely fatal but can cause a great deal of

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