Tarpon, Sharks, and Bull Reds – Fishing Report for August

Although the last couple of weekends have been plagued with some strange weather bringing rain and wind to the St. Simons area, our charters during the week have been fortunate enough to have some decent weather to get out and do some fishing. Tarpon and Shark Fishing Charters Our main focus has been on Tarpon and Shark fishing charters. This is the prime time of year to get a Tarpon on the Georgia coast. During one of my recent trips I was able to guide my clients to their

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St. Simons Island Fishing Trips

Inshore / Nearshore / Kids Fishing Report

Over the last couple of weeks we've started to see signs of life as far as business goes. While this week has been slow, we were rocking and rolling through the first part of March and booking up quickly for April. The ocean is also warming up and showing signs of life as it gets ever closer to the magic water temperature of 65. What's Hot Now? Nearshore Sheepshead Fishing at the Reefs Lately when the weather has given us the option we have chosen to fish at the nearshore reefs

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Georgia Redfish Guides

Inshore and Offshore Strong at St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island Fishing Report for February 7th and 8th 2015 Over the last couple of weeks we were left stranded on land while the tides and weather dictated our fishing schedule. When the wind wasn't blowing it was raining. When it wasn't raining we had bad tides and muddy water. That all changed this past weekend. TJ took a group out on Saturday the 7th and had one heck of a day. They started out targeting Sheepshead on the reefs about 10 miles offshore but after

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St. Simons Fishing Charter

The Best Inshore Fishing of the Year is NOW!

Time to go Catch Trout and Redfish! If you are looking to catch a pile of fish, this is the time of year to do it. From late October through January it is not uncommon to catch well over your limit in Trout. You know we have to throw the caveat in there that it is still fishing and therefore it doesn't always go as scripted, but you should definitely get your hopes up when you hit the water this time of year. Recently we have had several trips catch over 100 fish! If you want

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tarpon charters st simons

Tarpon Fishing St. Simons Island! Fishing Report

The last several weeks have brought some stellar Tarpon fishing to the Golden Isles area. This has been some of the best Tarpon fishing we have had in years! If you are planning to come down in the next few weeks you still have plenty of time to do some Tarpon fishing. These fish will typically still be chewing hard into mid September and sometimes even later. Plan on booking a 6 or 8 hour trip though. A 4 hour fishing trip for Tarpon just isn't enough sometimes. Here are

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Old Fishing Reports

We built this site originally in 2011 but have primarily used www.charterfish.com as our main site. Now that we have redesigned this site, we just tossed all of the fishing reports from the old one into one report so that we don't lose everything. Feel free to give it a read! St. Simons Fishing Report - Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Fishing St. Simons Island Fishing Report June 2013 It's June 7, 2013 and what can I say about the fishing report so far... wind, rain, and

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St. Simons Island Barracuda Fishing

If you have ever looked at a Barracuda up close you probably noticed its giant teeth and huge eyes. These are the parts of this fish that make it obvious the it is a predator. However, there is something else that make many people steer away from these fish... poison. Great Barracuda have come to be feared more on the table than in the water. This is because of a toxin known as ciguatoxin that causes ciguatera. Ciguatera is rarely fatal but can cause a great deal of

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