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St. Simons Island Fishing Report

St. Simons Fishing Report - Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Fishing

St. Simons Island Fishing Report June 2013

It's June 7, 2013 and what can I say about the fishing report so far... wind, rain, and thunderstorms! We've already had our first tropical storm this year as well as a few waterspouts!

I was able to get out for a morning trip on the 5th and we got on a great Trout bite before the thunderstorms pushed us off of the water.

Here are a few things to look for this month;

Shark and Tarpon Fishing should be full speed

Black Sea Bass season is open

Trout fishing will continue to be good

Great fishing for Redfish recently on the flats

Tripletail fishing will continue to be good, but the better fish will be found inshore

Barracuda and Spadefish offer sightfishing opportunities on the flats

Check out for more information and recent reports.

St. Simons Island Fishing Report for May 2013

The fishing this May has been great with some awesome Tripletail, Cobia, Sharks, Trout, and Bull Redfish.

In June expect to see plenty of Sea Bass, Trout, Sharks, Barracuda, Tripletail, and Tarpon.

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St. Simons Island Charter Fishing Report

The fishing here at St. Simons Island has started to heat up in April! The reef is still producing a lot of fish including Summer Trout, Sea Bass, and Bull Redfish.

The Cobia should start to show up soon as I have gotten recent reports from north Florida of sightings.

The Trout fishing inshore has been excellent and should only get better. Trout in excess of 4 pounds have been caught in the last week. The flounder are still moving back in as well.

Offshore has produced some nice Redfish as well as Snapper, Flounder, and Amberjack.

Please visit for more information and up to date pictures, prices, and fishing reports.

Fishing report for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island, GA

For the most up to date fishing report go to which is my new site that is much easier for me to keep current.

The 2012-13 winter season has been phenominal. It's been a few years since we had such an outstanding Trout bite. Limits were hitting the dock on a daily basis from October all the way through February.

Now it's time for the Spring transition which typically brings in some big spawning Trout as well as Tripletail, Bull Redfish, Flounder, and Spanish Mackerel.

The fishing will be changing on nearly a weekly basis so make sure to call or visit the new site to stay on top of the latest fishing news for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Brunswick, GA.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ

St. Simons Island Charter Fishing Report

October is a month that typically rings in the start of Fall fishing. The Bull Redfish (oversized redfish up to 48 inches in length) show up, Tarpon and Tripletail leave, and the Trout fishing peaks.

This year has been strange with the Tarpon showing up late and staying late along with the Tripletail. But the inshore fishing has been good for months and it should only get better through the rest of the Fall.

My recommendation for your Georgia charter fishing trip is an inshore Trout / Bull Redfish trip. This is a great way to catch a trophy Redfish and catch some light tackle table fare.

Tight lines!

Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report for September 2012

Man what a Summer we have had. Some of the strangest weather has plagued our coast this year. The good news is that the fishing, for the most part, has been good.

Right now we are experiencing above average inshore fishing. The Trout and Redfish have been easy to find and catch. We've also had one of the best years for Tripletail in quite some time.

The nearshore fishing this year started with a bang before slowing a down for a short period. It's back though, with a smoking hot Shark bite. Look for the Bull Reds to show up within the next 30 days.

Offshore fishing started out great for bottom fishing while there was no reason to troll for Kingfish and the like. That report has reversed itself as the trolling bite is currently quite good for Kings and the bottom fishing is leaving something to be desired.

All in all, if you want the best bang for your buck right now, consider an inshore fishing trip. If you are looking to tangle with some big fish while also getting some table fare, combine an inshore trip with some shark fishing or bull redfishing.

St. Simons and Sea Island Fishing Report for August 2012

Inshore. Inshore. Inshore. Plain and simple, inshore is where the hot fishing is for St. Simons and Jekyll Island this month.

The nearshore fishing is usually the best show in town but right now we have a stellar Trout and Redfish bite with some Flounder in the mix.

On the right tides we are catching some very nice Tripletail around the channel markers.

Nearshore fishing is still good for Sharks and fair for Tarpon. I expect the Tarpon to get more consistent as we get to the later part of the month.

Offshore fishing is fair overall but there has been an excellent Kingfish bite.

Sea Island Fishing and St. Simons Fishing Report for July 2012

July has been a great month for fishing in St. Simons Island. The Shark fishing has been stellar and the inshore fishing for Trout, Redfish, and Tripletail has been outstanding as well.

August and September will be great months for Tarpon fishing and inshore fishing and look for Bull Redfish fishing to crank up in late September and running through October.

Here are some pictures from some recent inshore fishing charter at St. Simons and Jekyll Island;

Fishing charters at st simons island

charter fishing in st simons island

st simons charter fishing trips

Sea Island - St. Simons Island Fishing Report May 2012

We have had a great May as far as fishing goes but the weather has been horrible. It seems that every weekend the wind decides to blow out of the Northeast.

We have had a few nice days to get out there though and what we have seen is that the Snapper Banks are loaded with fish, the Tripletail bite is excellent, and it looks like it will be a good year for Trout fishing.

I haven't done a lot of Shark fishing recently, but they are here because I have seen them free jumping in bait pods near the beach.

In June I expect the Shark fishing to be outstanding and the Tarpon fishing to get good near the end of the month.

We have some great tides coming up in the first week of June for tailing Redfish so get in early on that!

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ

St. Simons Fishing - Sea Island Fishing - Jekyll Island Fishing

St. Simons Fishing Report - Late April 2012

Fishing at St. Simons Island this April has been excellent. Typical Spring stuff happened with water temperatures bouncing up and down and heavy winds at times. Overall it was a great month though.

The Tripletail fishing was outstanding as we saw more than 30 fish some days.

Trout fishing finally kicked back off! On April 25th we limited out on Trout an hour and twenty-two minutes after we left the dock. That is solid!

Flounder are here and we have been catching them on most inshore charters while Trout fishing.

Cobia are still hanging offshore but should be closer in soon.

Sea Island Fishing - St. Simons Fishing - Jekyll Fishing Report

Mark April 1st 2012 as the day that the ocean came alive in the St. Simons area this season. The Tripletail showed up as well as the Spanish Mackerel. We're just days (probably more like minutes) away from the Cobia showing up.

Inshore fishing is somewhat hit and miss but the Redfish have been saving the day and now that we are in prime Tripletail season, we won't have to worry about finding some fish to chase.


***We have been finding some really nice Trout! Should only get better!***

The Whiting bite is still insane and there are some Bull Redfish hanging around, but don't expect the Bulls to stick around much longer.

Sheepshead fishing offshore at the reefs has been good when we have been able to avoid the droves of Sea Bass. I'm sure looking forward to June when we will finally have a chance to put a dent in the population.

Cobia, Amberjack, Vermillion Snapper, Triggerfish, and Spanish Mackerel are also being caught offshore as well as Grouper, Snapper, and Sea Bass which are still off the menu. I also expect to see the Kingfish showing up a tad early, but I have yet to produce any evidence to support my claim.

Tight lines!

St Simons Charter Fishing Report - February 2012

Have I mentioned how weird the weather has been? Even so, the fishing has still been pretty good. There are nice Redfish and Trout being caught at the Fernandina Jetties.

We have had good luck finding Redfish and Sheepshead around laydowns in small creeks. The Redfish and Summer Trout are crawling all over the nearshore reefs as well.

I'm looking forward to the Spring season and the second run of Bull Redfish as well as some nearshore Sheepshead action. The Whiting are already biting but the bigger ones should start really getting on a roll next month.

April will mark the beginning of our busy season, so make sure you call us soon to get the best days for Spring and Summer St. Simons Island Charter Fishing.

Tight Lines! Capt. TJ

January St. Simons Island Saltwater Fishing Report

Well its been a weird Fall and early Winter around the Golden Isles. The warm temps and lack of rain really through a twist in the typical patterns that we find this time of year. The Redfish bite has been really good and the Trout are here but may take some moving around to find. The Sheepshead are hanging around and I've had some great days with those.

I've been fishing a lot of structure such as docks and laydowns in small creeks. The Redfish have been in their usual haunts near feeder creeks at high tide. Fish IN the grass. Many times they will not venture out several feet from the grass. You might get lucky and pick off a few but you will likely have better luck if you're a foot or two into some sparse grass. On low tide they have been in the back of small creeks in some of the deeper bends and potholes.

As far as Trout fishing around St. Simons and Jekyll... move, move, move. That is unless you have already located some fish. If you are heading out blind I suggest some running and gunning to find the fish. It's been very much similar to Spring time. The Trout are still WAY up the river as well as out in the sounds. With this much ground to cover you could end up finding them anywhere. Live bait always is a good bet but they are biting a whole assortment of artificials as well. Winter usually brings out the crazy colors like Candy Corn and this years supposed hot bait, the Electric Buzzard.

The Fernandina Jetties have been HOT as well. This is on the extreme southern end of our charter fishing area but on a full day trip we would definitely hit the jetties. Sheepies, Trout, and Redfish are all hanging around the rocks.

As for me, if I were out fishing by myself and just wanted to have a good time, I would fish way up the river with some artificials and target Trout and Rockfish. I've seen much bigger Trout coming from the western end of the salt waters and its always nice to get some bonus Rockfish.

December Fishing Report for St. Simons Island

The Trout bite is back on! I've hesitated to sound the alarm to make sure that a few good days weren't just a fluke but I'm comfortable to say that the Trout are back on track.

We've had some recent rain events as well as a nice cool snap that I believe brought the fish back into their normal patterns.

Today's catch yielded roughly fifty fish!

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Fishing St. Simons Island - Charter Fishing Report

Well I think that it might just be time for round 2 in the Golden Isles. Fishing in the St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island has been slow for a couple of weeks with some brief exceptions, but I think things are getting back to normal.

Yesterday we had a nice mess of fish from the Cumberland area with a mixed bag of Trout, Reds, Sheepshead, and Black Drum. We could have taken a few minutes to put some Whiting in the cooler just to stack the fish count but we didn't want to leave a good bite.

There have been some other locals bringing in some nice buckets of fish too. I really feel like the fishing was merely paused, but not stopped.

Shrimp are everywhere and if you think about the implications of that you will see how that can make fishing tough. If you had a 24 hour buffet in your kitchen, would you still leave to get a burger? I wouldn't. The fish can eat no matter where they go, so it isn't necessary for them to get in the hot spots and compete for limited offerings.

The water temps will drop, we've had some rain, and with any luck the Northeast winds will subside and we can get back to work. I expect to have a great December and January bite.

Tight lines!

St. Simons Island - Jekyll Island Fishing Report

Strange times in the Golden Isles. The fishing has been weird lately. The Trout and Redfish bite was strong but has slowed down considerably which is extremely uncommon for this time of year.

I was concerned so I called a few of my fellow captains for a meeting of the minds and they have seen the same thing I have... slow fishing.

The theories are varied with anything from salinity to over abundance of shrimp on the list of suspects. We have had a lack of rain, 6 weeks of strong North Eastern winds, and warm temperatures.

My prediction is that this is the short slow down that we typically experience around September. The fishing was so strong this summer that I can't see a reason for the fishing to be slow. I think that a good cold snap and a little rain will get us back on track and we should have some strong fishing right on into January.

We have been able to get on some fish despite the obstacles. Redfish are still huddled up in the creeks and Trout are scattered about everywhere. We had a decent day on the 22nd of November with 14 Trout, 2 Redfish, and 26 Whiting.

Stay tuned for the turn around. We'll be the first to let you know.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ Cheek

St. Simons Island Fishing Report - WIND!

I wish I could show you a ton of pictures of limits of fish, but unfortunately the wind has not been our friend lately. It seems that every time the weekend rolls around and my calendar is full, the wind decides to blow.

I don't mean that it blows, but we can still fish. I mean it is BLOWING! 25 knot winds are simply un-fishable.

The fish are most definitely here though. On the few days that we have been able to get to the honey holes we have had great success. Trout and Redfish are chowing down for the winter chill. By chill I don't just mean the cold, but also the behavior of the fish. They just "chill" once the water gets too cold.

Hopefully we will have a mild winter and the bite will continue into January, but there is still a lot of great fishing to be done this month and in December.

If you want a great Christmas present for a fishermen, consider getting him a gift certificate for a fishing trip. These are available from me as well as most of our other local charter captains.

Keep an eye on my fishing report. When the weather breaks, I assure you that I will have my revenge and show y'all some fish. I hope that some of you will take the time to come down and get a piece of the action with me.

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ - Costa Del Mar Pro Guide - Professional St. Simons Fishing Guide

Jekyll Island - St. Simons Island Fishing Report - Late October

Well the last couple of weeks have been packed with some pretty incredible fishing. The Bull Reds are here and the Trout and slot Reds have been ON FIRE!!!

This is my absolute favorite time of year to pound on the inshore fish. Success in the rivers is almost a given and you should expect to load a cooler down.

Check out the pics and give me a call to go fish St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island Fishing Guide
Bull Redfish In Georgia
St. Simons Charter Fishing

St. Simons Island Saltwater Fishing Report - October 2011

Bulls on Parade! Bull Redfish are crawling around everywhere!

The Trout, Redfish, and Bull Redfish are here and hungry. We are almost booked up for October but November is going to be great too.

We're still moving around a lot to catch our Trout but in November they will hunker down and get into a predictable pattern.

The Bull Redfish are just everywhere on the rips, beaches, and breakers and are biting cut mullet or live baitfish.

Here are some pics from some recent St. Simons Fishing Charters:

St. Simons Charter Fishing
St. Simons Bull Red fish charters
St. Simons Fishing Report

St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fishing Report September 2011

Inshore Fishing = Insane Bite!

Inshore fishing in the St. Simons and Jekyll Island area is the best I've seen in a long time for this time of year. We are already bringing in catches that we typically see in late October!

Monday, September 12th we hauled in 44 keeper Trout and released one over 22 inches! We also release many short fish and 3 oversized Redfish.

I can't wait to see what October and November have in store if the fishing is already this good. Now is the time to plan a trip because we have just a couple of weekends left with openings.

Speckled Trout St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island Fishing Report for August 2011

Deep Sea Fishing in GA is getting better and better!

We've had some great days offshore consisting of Scamp Grouper, Vermillion Snapper, Cobia, Amberjack, Red Snapper, and Kingfish.

The inshore fishing is also good at St. Simons and Jekyll Island. The Trout are mixed in size but when you find the big ones you can do some damage. The Redfish are growing up and getting into the slot as well. This is the best year for Flounder in a long time.

Be sure to book ahead of time for the Fall as we expect (and pray) to be busy as the weather cools. Just the idea of fishing in weather below 90 degrees is a welcome idea to me!

Tight lines!

Capt. TJ Cheek

Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report for July

St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island have seen some hot weather lately, but that hasn't cooled the fishing down, it's still red hot!

Hot Summer temps usually mean an ice cold bite, but lately we have seen an exception. The Trout, Redfish, and Flounder have been pretty easy to find and willing to eat.

We finally have some local bait at the marinas, so the high priced Florida bait is gone until next year. It seems that our local bait is either extremely big or extremely small though.

We have mostly targeted Trout with some great success. We have had days where we caught close to 40 keeper Trout and some days with a 16 inch average.

One day that stands out is June 29th. We had 10 year old Talon Mann on board and he boated a 24 1/2 inch Trout! That is a great trophy for a 10 year old.

Trout Fishing in Georgia

St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fishing Report

The Shark fishing at St. Simons Island has been stellar. Fishing behind the shrimp boats with cut Bonito or Ladyfish seems to be the key. We typically fish with live Pogies but this seems to be the year of the cut bait. We have had some Black Tips and Spinners in the 100 to 120 lb. range on most trips.

Don't let the heat keep you from enjoying fishing in GA, and especially fishing in St. Simons Island, GA!

Cheers from Coastal Georgia Charter Fishing!

Capt. TJ Cheek


St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fishing - Summer

The offshore fishing is cranking up with solid catches of Amberjack, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, and best of all... Black Sea Bass is now open on in Georgia!

Black Sea Bass can be caught in large numbers, they are great to eat, and they make a nice addition to your catch of larger offshore fish.

The inshore fishing is going great as well. We are having a great year for Flounder, and the Trout bite has been outstanding.

Shark Fishing is as good as it has ever been. The shrimp boats are out, and there are some big Black Tip Sharks in hot pursuit.

Tarpon have shown up a little ahead of schedule and are eating quite well. This makes a great combo when paired with St. Simons Shark fishing.


St. Simons Fishing Forecast and Report - May 2011

The Tripletail are here!!! They have finally shown up in good numbers on the beach. This makes a great half day trip.

The Trout and Redfish are picking up quite a bit as well. This week we have seen quite a few fat Trout and the Reds have been willing to eat as well.

Shark fishing should pick up this month and transition into full blown mayhem by the end of May.

Offshore has been GREAT! The Cobia really have shown up in a big way this year, and the bottom fishing is phenominal.

Let's go!

March 17, 2011 Fishing Report for St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island

Wednesday I took Ben, his daughter Brit, and Brit's boyfriend fishing for Georgia Redfish.

The forecast was calling for a great day, but the wind whipped up on us and we had to go to Plan "B".

Brit hooked up with a nice Redfish right off the bat but the oyster shells interfered and the fish was lost.

Fighting a Big Georgia Redfish

We want to make the run across the sound after that, but it was just too risky with the wind increasing steadily.

We went back to fishing for Reds and wound up getting Ben's first Redfish, and nice 29"er.

Ben's first Jekyll Island Redfish

We followed up with Brit's first Redfish at 27".

Brit's first Redfish at Jekyll Island

They wanted to get some fish to take home for the table, and with Trout fishing being out of the question due to weather, we caught 25 whiting.

I sent them back with the fish, and my secret recipe!

Looking forward to fair weather and better tides!


St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island Fly Fishing Report for March 16, 2011

Dad and I ran out for a quick daylight Fly Fishing trip near Jekyll Island. The fish were everywhere and we got hooked up pretty quick. The fish won the battle after running across some shells and cutting the line.

It was a great day anyway! Check out this video, there are Redfish everywhere!


St. Simons, Jekyll, and Cumberland Fishing Report for March 5 to 14, 2011

It has been a great week! The fish are turning on and the weather has improved greatly.

Last week, my good friend Les was fishing with me and we were catching a few trout when we got a great surprise... a 4.14 lb Trout!

big georgia trout

I went Whiting Fishing for a day to get some groceries for a friend, and came back with 119...

Then I took Bob, from Hull Georgia, for a full day fishing trip for Reds and Trout. We got into 'em right off the bat when Bob set the hook on a 30 inch Redfish in 8 inches of water.

georgia redfish

After that we went after some fish that would actually be small enough to keep for table fare!

We caught a mixed bag of Redfish, Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Whiting. I guess it was a poor boy's slam!

Georgia Fishing

Today, March 14, 2011, I had the pleasure of taking Kyle and Aldine fishing for Reds and Trout.

We saw a TON of nice Redfish just after daylight that just would not eat. It was a sight to see anyway.

We headed out in search of some table fare, and once again got into the Reds and Trout. We caught a few Whiting as a bonus. We had one Red that was too big to keep, so we took a few pictures and let her go back home. All in all, it was a great day of fishing in the Golden Isles of Georgia.

Nice Georgia Redfish
Mess of Coastal Georgia Fish


Coastal Georgia Fishing Report for March 5, 2011

We went after Redfish on March 5, 2011 and they were there waiting for us. Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island Redfish are really starting to get aggressive.

We fished a spot that is pretty much a community hole and the fish are generally very spooky because a lot of people try to run right up on the fish when they see them. This is not a good practice.

We set up for where we knew the fish would be soon and were paid for our patience. Check out the video and see what happened!


St. Simons Island and Coastal Georgia Fishing Report for March 4, 2011

Capt. Tim Cutting and I loaded up and headed out to explore a few more Trout spots today. As it turns out, it was a pretty good idea!

We wound up picking up right where we left off in the fall and beat down some nice Georgia Sea Trout. The lip divers were on fire!

With the wind blowing hard out of the east again, we couldn't check as many spots as we wanted to, but we'll be back. It's time to take a St. Simons Island Fishing Charter!

Jekyll Island Trout Fishing


Trout Fishing Report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island. March 3, 2011 Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report

Well, I went today and found the Trout! I don't believe that they are here in full force yet, but there is some Trout slime in the boat and that is a great sign to me.

The yellow tails ate me up, but in between those little devils were some nice St. Simons Island Trout!

The wind was blowing about 20 mph out of the North East, which we all know is horrible, so I didn't get to throw grubs. As soon as the wind slows down, I'm going to pick the whole area apart and start to really pattern these Trout.

St. Simons Island Trout


Coastal Georgia Saltwater Fishing Report for St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island February 28, 2011            

Right now the water temperature is hovering around 60 degrees on average with warmer temps being found in the back of small creeks and colder temps in open water near the beaches. The St. Simons Island fishing forecast is looking good for the future. Fishing near Jekyll Island, St. Simons Island, and Cumberland Island should steadily improve as the surface temperature rises.          

If you want to catch a lot of fish to eat, the whiting are here in full force at St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Cumberland Island. They will readily eat dead shrimp, squid, or cut mullet. Use small hooks and just enough weight to stay on the bottom. On February 27th I boated 165 whiting fishing alone.          

For those that want to fish St. Simons Island for something more worthy of bragging rights, Redfish are getting more and more aggressive. The colder temps that had them so lethargic are gone, and these fish are ready to eat. My good friend and fellow charter captain on St. Simons, Capt. Tim Cutting, has been the man for staying on nice schools of shallow water coastal Georgia Redfish. Gulp! Baits, Live Shrimp, or Blue Crabs all make great baits for Redfish. Look for shallow, narrow creeks near the intercoastal waterway for some great action.  

Jekyll Island Redfish
Jekyll Island Redfish

Nearshore St. Simons Island and Coastal Georgia fishing is great right now for Sheepshead. There have been regular catches of 9+ pound Sheepies on the nearshore artificial reefs. Fiddler crabs are the bait of choice. Make sure that you position your boat over the structure as best as possible. Your chances are not good if you don’t stay near or right on top of the structure of the reef.  

Georgia Sheepshead

Trout are being caught, but mostly south of the Satilla River. Look for deeper banks with structure like rip rap, lay-downs, or chunky mud. Jigs or live shrimp should do the trick. When you find the Trout, they should be schooled up pretty tight and eager to eat.  

For the coming month, expect to see some flounder move back in and the trout fishing to pick up as the water warms. Redfish will become more aggressive and widespread, though they will still be found on the mudflats and small creeks. Whiting and Sheepshead will be on the menu for quite a while to come.  It’s time to dust off the boat and fish Coastal Georgia!


 February 2011 St. Simons Fishing Report

If you are planning on fishing St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, or Cumberland Island right now, your chances are good for finding some nice Redfish on the mudflats. The cool weather we have had makes some great fishing as the Redfish school up and head for the warm mud.

The fishing at St. Simons Island is only going to get better as the water warms in March bringing water temperature back into the sixties. Trout and Flounder will start to show back up in decent number and the Whiting will be everywhere.

For Trout, Flounder, and Redfish the usual offerings of live bait shrimp, mud minnows, and finger mullet as well as grubs and shallow running crank baits and twitch baits will work great.

The Sheepshead fishing near St. Simons Island will be stellar through Spring. Your best bet will be fishing over the structure on the St. Simons near shore reefs with live Fiddler Crabs which can be caught in the marshes of St. Simons and Jekyll Island or purchased from Hickory Bluff Marina.

Early Spring is a great time to take a St. Simons Island Fishing Charter. Head on down and give us a call!